Sienna LTC

Scope: Piles and Lagging, Tiebacks

The Project

Due to our aging population, the requirement for new retirement and Long Term Care was recognized in Brantford.

The Challenge

The subject lands designated for the proposed new facility posed some challenges for the foundations. The depths which the foundations were required to bear on consisted of soft clays. TheseĀ  clays were not suitable for the proposed foundations. In order to facilitate the construction of the new foundations, an economical solution was required to allow the construction to proceed.

The Solution

Due to the depth and the footprint of the structure, Maple Site Solutions Inc. implemented a temporary shoring solution to allow for construction of the new foundations to the proposed design depth. Prior to the installation of the temporary shoring system, a ground improvement system was implemented. This ground improvement system allowed for excavation to the design depth and an adequate founding for the proposed new construction.