McLennan Park – Kitchener Landfill

Scope: Sheet Piles

The Project

The Region of Waterloo is continually making improvements to the region, including the existing park which was a former landfill, assuring that the existing gas is being collected efficiently. Also, improvements are being done to improve the drainage and surface water collection.

The Challenge

Due to the presence of the old, decommissioned landfill, it was discovered that there was still leachate flowing into the properties adjacent to the old landfill. Existing wells were installed to monitor the flows and a solution was required to cut off further leachate from contaminating the properties surrounding the former landfill.

The Solution

Due to the depth of the leachate migration, it was determined that a waterloo barrier system would be able to act as a permanent cutoff wall below grade. This system included a sheet pile wall with a grouted interlock system.