Laurel Water Treatment Plant

Scope: Caisson Wall, Tiebacks, Micropiles

The Project

Construction of a new water treatment plant (Laurel WTP) located on the existing Laurel Tank site in Waterloo, ON.  The works include equipping an existing groundwater well (W25), a new building / tankage to house pre-purchased iron and manganese treatment equipment, pumps and chemical systems, retrofits to the two existing facilities on site, a new standby generator and all associated works.

The Challenge

Construction of the new Water Treatment plan while maintaining access to the existing facility, and support of the existing booster pumping station and water pumping station. Due to poor soil conditions, a deep foundation system was required for the support of new adjacent foundations.

The Solution

Maple Site Solutions Inc. presented a design build solution to minimize the impact of the existing services and construction for the new pumping station and wet well. Maple Site Solutions Inc. implemented an internally braced secant wall reducing the footprint of excavation impact a dewatering system could pose with the surrounding structures. A micropile solution was utilized for the support of the new adjacent footings.