Halton Wastewater Shafts

Scope: Compression Ring

The Project

Construction of 1200mm Dia. South Georgetown Servicing Wastewater Main on Eighth Line and Trafalgar Road (Reg. Rd. 3) from 10 Side Road (Reg. Rd. 10) to Britannia Rd. (Reg. Rd. 6) in the Town of Milton and Halton Hills.

The Challenge

Part of this servicing program required contractors to work in small sites along the proposed service lines. The sites did not allow for open cut excavations, as it would impact the existing roads and/or adjacent municipal properties.

The Solution

To construct the services and allow bends from one location to another, temporary secant wall shafts were constructed to depth to allow TBM equipment change directions as required including strategic placement of proposed manholes.