Empire Communities Avalon

Scope: Cased Holes for Mine Fill

The Project

Empire Communities is currently constructing a master-planned community in Caledonia, a region where historically, several gypsum mines once operated.  The community, “Avalon”, will consist of nearly 3,000 new townhomes and detached homes.

The Challenge

Due to the presence of the existing mines below the proposed development, the land is currently not suitable for construction due to the risk of settlement.

The Solution

In order to provide a safe and stable condition for residential development, it has been determined that the existing mining tunnels were required to be filled. In order to fill these mines, initial bore holes were constructed to map out the abandoned caverns and tunnels to identify the full impact. Once the impact study was completed, Maple Site Solutions Inc. mobilized to provide 30+ m deep cased holes to bedrock and into the existing tunnels. Once completed, cased open bore holes provided a chute to allow for concrete and stone backfill.