Cambridge West Blenheim

Scope: Caisson Wall

The Project

Due to our growing economy and population growth, advance servicing and road works were required to service a proposed future subdivision.

The Challenge

In order to provide servicing that ties into the adjacent subdivision, a solution was required to tie the 2 together. The challenge was that there was a CN rail line in a low valley between both subdivisions. No disruptions for service tie ins were permitted within the CN right of way.

The Solution

In order to service the new subdivision, it was determined that the only solution was to tunnel below the existing CN Rail via 2 deep shafts for TBM access. Maple Site Solutions Inc. was able to implement a design, supply and install solution utilizing an unobstructed watertight secant wall (compression ring). This design provided several advantages for the contractor as they were able to minimize the requirement for dewatering and continuous excavation vs. a conventional dewatering, soldier pile and internally braced shoring system.